Argal Vertical Pumps

Initial feedback indicates that the Argal vertical pumps are VERY competitive vs. the equivalent Vanton pumps. Keep an eye out for any opportunities to replace a Vanton vertical column pump.

An update from DP3PO

“My motors are standard C face, not special motors like you know who! I am interchangeable so replacing others’ pumps is not a problem. And, GPM stocks me up through 500 gpm!! I can rev up your sales.”  

News from DP3PO

Let me introduce to you our newest member of the GPM team, DP3PO!! Here to provide tips on DP and help you generate more business, DP3PO is revved up to support your efforts in 2015. “I’m available in 304 SS and 316 SS, NPT, ANSI flanged, Victaulic, or Tri-Clamp connections….