Are you involved with the design, management, or maintenance of fluid systems? If so…

You and Global Pump Marketing have several mutual interests. The dscn0229most important of these is the choice of a local, rotating machinery, valve and fluid system expert.

Your professional responsibilities
 require you to improve a process in your facility or your clients facility, Accomplishing this may require you to do it yourself, do what you have always done in the past, or search for a new and dramatically better way of designing your process.img_20131218_104719_744

If you choose to change or improve, you must have an organization who has the training and experience to become part of your team to suggest the equipment required to improve your process.

GPM finds, qualifies, appoints and trains the types of distributors that you can trust to help you navigate the hundreds of options in manufacturers and products available.img_20130328_113012_056

After listening to and understanding your needs, the distributor must be able to present the best available products to meet your specific needs. The United States has less than 300 pump companies; Europe has 450 and the Far East have another 400. To know what is available worldwide so you get “state of the art” equipment is important and GPM Distributors are ready to offer this option.

In the United States manufacturers are consolidating product lines and distributors leaving customers with less and less choice. Other parts of the world are still service oriented. GPM and its distributor network represent those kinds of companies.

GPM’s management team searches out only those distributors that have the talent and experience to solve problems. Their inquisitive nature allows them to “think out of the box” . GPM distributors apply themselves to find the best available solutions and not to settle for how it used to be done. If there is something better in the world, they will find it and offer it to you.

If you would like to have a fresh look at how to effectively design and implement new technology, then you should navigate to the “Contact us” section and let GPM know how we can be of service.

GPM can review your needs and if we don’t have the right products, we will refer you to someone who does. If we can help, we will put you in touch with a professional, GPM Distributor. The right local distributor is your most important design choice and partnering with the right distributor in your area is GPMs most important service to you.

Many customers have taken this first step and are now enjoying the benefits of their new fluid system-engineering partners.

GPM welcomes the opportunity to introduce you to our distributor partners and open the world of “state of the art” fluid systems products to you. Go to “Contact us” now and send us your requirements.