Sales Partners


You and Global Pump Marketing (GPM) have several mutual interests. The most important of these is the choice of a local, rotating machinery, valve and fluid system expert.

GPM has selected high quality European manufacturers to supply pumps in the North American market. GPM and its European manufacturing partners provide you the opportunity to explore the new and the old:  New technology which offers innovative solutions to your pumping requirements, and old style customer service that is personal, responsive, and dedicated to supporting your efforts.

GPM and its network of sales partners provide the avenue to introduce and provide products to end users and packagers in a variety of industries whose goal remains the same:  Obtain a quality product at a fair price with the customer support expected of a manufacturer or its partners.

GPM’s personnel along with its network of outstanding regional distributors have the experience in problem solving, a portfolio of products to offer, and the necessary training to be your local expert. Interested in becoming a partner?




The United States has less than 300 pump companies; Europe has 450 and Asia has another 400. Knowing what is available worldwide and getting “state of the art” equipment is important and GPM offers these solutions.

In the United States, product lines and sales channels are both consolidating, leaving customers with less and less choice. Other parts of the world are still service oriented. GPM specializes in manufacturers that are privately held, family owned companies who have a long history of customer service.  This philosophy extends through GPM to its sales partners.

GPM’s management team will find the best available solutions and will not settle for how it used to be done. If there is something better in the world, GPM will find it and make it available to you.

If you would like to have a fresh look at how to effectively design and implement new technology, then you should navigate to the “Contact Us” section and let GPM know how we can be of



GPM looks forward to reviewing your system requirements and exploring if our products can improve your system.  If GPM does not have the best solution, we will recommend where and how to obtain such equipment.

Many customers have taken this first step and are now enjoying the benefits of their new fluid system-engineering partners. GPM welcomes the opportunity to introduce you to a broader offering of “state of the art” fluid systems products.

Go to “Contact Us” now and send us your requirements.