Global Pump Marketing (GPM) is focused on Customer Service. We do not represent our European partners as an agent or representative. We take on the role of the manufacturer and the commitments needed to be successful. GPM offers the following services:



Local Support

GPM has established a sales channel of local pump and valve distributors who can provide customers with technical support, repair services, and troubleshooting, quickly and professionally. GPM backs up these distributors with factory trained technical application engineers, factory certified technicians, and an inventory of standard products and spare parts to reduce lead times.







GPM supports its sales partners with design and packaging services. GPM can repair, add optional equipment, and modify existing equipment to meet end user requirements. GPM can coat metal surfaces, provide controls and electronic monitoring, and ancillary equipment as required.






In House Consulting Services

GPM has qualified and certified personnel who can provide training in pumps, valves, and fluid systems, review installations, troubleshoot mechanical and hydraulic issues, and identify the correct equipment to apply to a specific requirement. If GPM does not offer the right product, we will recommend another source to assure the correct products are applied.






Engineering Services

GPM can provide electronic files for packages, pumps, and valves, all of which can be incorporated into an overall design. This allows our sales team to provide the customer with the latest technology both hardware and software.






GPM is traditional

Why is this considered a service? We answer the phone and do not have an automated attendant! We responds quickly! GPM considers its distributors, customers, and OEMs as partners. This means we have open communication with discretion and confidentiality. We back our products 100%. Solve the problem and sort out the responsibilities later. Keep our partners in production.

That is what is expected……. And that is what GPM provides.