Global Pump Marketing (GPM) views our distributors and OEMs as partners instead of customers. GPM strives to provide our partners with an effortless and stress-free experience, time after time.

GPM and its European manufacturing partners provide you the opportunity to explore the new and the old:  New technology which offers innovative solutions to your pumping requirements, and old-style customer service that is personal, responsive, and dedicated to supporting your efforts.

GPM and its network of sales partners provide the avenue to introduce and provide products to end-users and packagers in a variety of industries whose goal remains the same:  Obtain a quality product at a fair price with the customer support expected of a manufacturer or its partners.

GPM’s personnel along with its network of outstanding regional distributors have experience in problem-solving, a portfolio of products to offer, and the necessary training to be your local expert.


We believe in geographical and market segment distribution. Our team has over 100 years of problem-solving experience. If you would like to have a fresh look at how to effectively design and implement new technology, contact us today!

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