About Global Pump Marketing (GPM)


GPM partners with several premier European equipment manufacturers. We act as the manufacturer and the major point of contact for our partners. Many of the companies we represent are privately held, family-operated, and embody the values upon which manufacturers pride themselves: quality, responsiveness, competitiveness, loyalty, and innovation.

GPM believes a business should have teamwork at its base with a commitment to service customers the old-fashioned way – and more importantly, human contact and personalized service. Our competitive advantage is our people and how deeply they care about our customers.



GPM has established a sales channel of local pump and valve distributors who can provide customers with technical support, repair services, & more.

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GPM supports its sales partners by offering modifications or upgrades to all of our product lines.

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In House Expertise

GPM has qualified and certified personnel who can provide training in pumps, valves, review installations, troubleshoot mechanical and hydraulic issues, and identify the correct equipment to apply to a specific requirement.

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Traditional Values

GPM is traditional. Why is this considered a service? We answer the phone and do not have an automated attendant!

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We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.


05 Jan

GPM Pump Points, January 2021

Happenings:It looks as 2021 is going to start very much as 2020 has run: with lots of confusion. What we do ...

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