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MU – L/LDS Vertically Mounted Pump

The MU- L/LDS is an inline pump that is a great replacement for a double suction in line pump. This is available in many materials and sealing options. With this innovative design maintenance is simplified and floor space required is minimized.

Min/Max connections – 1” to 18”
Max Head – 500 ft.
Max Flow – 15,500 USGPM
Max Speed – 3600 RPM
Max Temperature – 400 F

CN Cast Chemical Pump

The CN series is a line of chemical pumps made to ISO 2858 standards in sizes from 1” to 6”. This pump is available in many materials and with many sealing options. This is a great end suction pump for aggressive and viscous liquids.

Min/Max connections – 1” to 6”
Max Head – 500 ft.
Max Flow – 1800 USGPM
Max Speed – 3600 RPM
Max Temperature – 665 F

ZN Oil Circulation Pump

The ZN series is a hot oil pump made to IS 2858 standards. This end suction pump is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures and is available in many materials.

Min/Max connections – 1.25” to 4”
Max Head – 330 ft.
Max Flow – 1600 USGPM
Max Speed – 3600 RPM
Max Temperature – 665 F

BT Side Channel Pump

The BT series is a side channel pump with self-priming capabilities. This pump is a multistage pump with multi-bladed impellers and is capable of handling high amounts of en-trained air. This can be used for a variety of liquids and applications.

Min/Max connections – 0.75” to 2.5”
Max Head – 1000 ft.
Max Flow – 180 USGPM
Max Speed – 1800 RPM
Max Temperature – 320 F

MU End Suction Pump

The MU series of pumps is an end suction line of pumps to the dimensions of EN 733. These can be offered in many materials and in versions including close coupled and self priming.

Min/Max connections – 1” to 12”
Max Head – 500 ft.
Max Flow – 13,500 USGPM
Max Speed – 3600 RPM
Max Temperature – 400 F

MCA Recessed Impeller Flow Pump

The MCA series is suitable for pumping viscous and pasty liquids containing suspended solids. This can be used in many applications including sewage, paper, food, and metal fines.

Min/Max connections – 1.25” to 6”
Max Head – 330 ft.
Max Flow – 2200 USGPM
Max Speed – 3600 RPM
Max Temperature – 400 F

VS Vertically Suspended Pumps

The VS series are vertical line-shaft, single stage pumps with their main components based off of the MU series and MCA series pumps. These can be used to pump clean or dirty liquids and can pump suspended solids.

Min/Max connections – 1.25” to 12”
Max Head – 460 ft.
Max Flow – 3100 USGPM
Max Speed – 3600 USGPM
Max Temperature – 400 F

G/GH Multistage High Pressure Pumps

This series of pumps can be used in a variety of applications that need higher pressure. This pump is offered in many materials and with stages added or taken away to meet different pressure requirements this pump can be a great problem solver for difficult applications.

Min/Max connections – 1.25” to 8”
Max Head – 2800 ft.
Max Flow – 2800 USGPM
Max Speed – 3600 RPM
Max Temperature – 400 F

P Oscillating Disk Pumps

This positive displacement pump can be offered in many materials and can pump viscous or abrasive fluids.

Min/Max connections – 1” to 4”
Max Head – 265 ft.
Max Flow – 660 USGPM
Max Speed – 350 RPM
Max Temperature – 320 F

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